An Absolute Must Have PS4 Accessory

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We all have been frustrated when our controller dies and we have to pause the fun to recharge the batteries. This is a most annoying situation that comes with the territory of being a player who can game for hours! Luckily there is a solution to get beyond this delay that can come up frequently. If you game a lot and are sick of running through dozens of batteries that you have to throw away when they’re dead then consider investing in a PS4 controller charger.

What Do You Need?

There’s no shortage of amazing docking stations out there for your PS4 controller to charge on. Getting the right charging station depends on what you want. Charging stations range from cheap and simple to more integrative and sophisticated. Some stations can charge PS4 Move controllers as well as the standard DualShock 4.

PS4 controller charger

The Best PS4 Controller Charger Around: PowerA’s DualShock Charging Station

Whether you left your controller in between the couch cushions and now it’s dead, the worst feeling is turning on a controller only to realize it’s dead. The best charger for your PS4 controller is the PowerA’s DualShock 4 Charging Station! This model offers a compact and powerful solution to keep your chargers fully powered up and ready to play! PowerA’s charging station is a great alternative for those who want a more convenient and cleaner experience.

The Runner Up Model: Nyko Charging Base

For people who want to store their charging station somewhere dark and out of the way this model is most likely for you. The Nyko runs bigger than the PowerA’s charging station, but is just as easy to pop a controller on for fast/reliable charging. The design build is slightly less aesthetic to look at, but it does have white indicator lights that light up and glow while charging. The 2 small dongles that come included and clip into the micro USB port can be something to keep an eye on since they are small and can get lost easily. The dongles will not affect game-play in a noticeable way.