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To Buy or Not to Buy YouTube Subscribers

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If you want to get your YouTube channel off the ground, you need subscribers. There is no way around it. You can have one viral video that has been viewed thousands of times, however, unless those viewers subscribe to your channel, they will not view your other videos. Subscribers, on the other hand, they get notified every time you update your channel. And, these notifications do not just pop up whenever your subscriber open YouTube, no sir, your notifications get emailed so your subscriber becomes aware no matter where they are or what they are doing.

So, where do you get subscribers? Did you know that many people buy YouTube subscribers? You might disagree with the idea of buying subscribers because there is no guarantee they are going to watch your videos or buy your products and services. But, that is the wrong way to look at it because you know that most subscribers are going to at least watch one video before they unsubscribe or mute your notifications. The correct way to look at it is to understand that the vast majority of the subscribers you paid for are going to at least click on your video once to see what you got. That is the main reason to buy YouTube subscribers.

Imagine that you are a candy store owner and people walk into your shop not knowing what to expect. Sure, some of them might have diabetes and can’t eat candy. Some might be health food freaks that faint at the sight of sugar. But, some will be candy eaters. In fact, some of them might love candy. So, the question then becomes, when these candy eaters see your displays and taste your candies, will they want more?

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That’s the bottom line. If you have content on your YouTube channel that is compelling, many of the subscribers that you paid to get will stay and become fans of your channel.